Feb. 10, 2004
Nu Thought Media
Donates Money to
Wash. DC Children's
Breakfast Program

October 12, 2003
Nu Thought Media Donates Money to Help LA Child
Care Center

July 15, 2003

Hollah Back Program
Donates Money To Help
Homeless Youth In Chicago

May 29, 2003
Hollah Back Program
 Donates Money To Help

 Serve Children of San

April 17, 2003
Hollah On Fire In Earthlink
and MOBE 100 Best Web
Site Guide

March 25, 2003
 Hollah Back Program
 Donates Money
To Help
Feed Children In Houston

. 16, 2003
Nu Thought Media Donates Money To Help Get Our
Children Off The Cold 


Nov. 20, 2002
Nu Thought Media's 
Hollah Back Program

Donates Money to Cleveland FoodBank

October 1, 2002

Why is hollah.com requesting a membership fee? 

Hollah.com is introducing the membership fee structure in order to continue our quest 
to build a valuable online resource for our community, and to thereby help ensure that 
our voice is fully represented in the CRITICAL new communication medium called 
the Internet. If we have learned anything from the dearth of quality television 
programming it should be - God bless the child that's got its own. There is no 
excuse in the 21st Century for begging anyone to "put some brothers up on the 
wall" in yet another pivotal communications field. None.

As the last three years have proven, anybody can start a website, but not everyone 
can finish it. A serious long-term commitment of finances and countless hours of 
labor are required to consistently produce a communications portal with quality 
content and features. Take note as you travel the web. The "ad-supported" web site model has thus far proven feasible for only a very few sites with serious financial 
backers. Virtually all ad dollars spent on the web are earned by the mega sites 
(top 5% in traffic). The remaining ad-based sites attempt to finance their operations 
with annoying pop-up and blinking banner ads. Notice, that the majority of these 
sites invest little if anything in the way of quality content or features. Meanwhile, a handful of popular sites survive off subsidized lifelines from their Fortune 500 parent corporations. Then there are an even smaller chosen few, which are supported directly 
by those who benefit from the value of the site. The online dating service is a good example. In order for hollah.com to grow in this environment, hollah must be backed 
by the community we serve. 

There are no ads on hollah.com. We offer a free hollah email service through a 
third-party and any money generated from those pop-ups you see belong to them. 
We are not capitalized by anything other than will, imagination and the ability to
keep going when others quit. 

The Hollah Team motto is "be the best or go sit down." You deserve the best tools 
to keep in touch and nurture relationships in a time-strapped society. Your friends 
and family deserve to know that you are thinking about them and that you care 
through exceptional imagery and verses that will encourage, uplift, or just make 
them fall out laughing. 

I hope the two-year evolution of hollah.com has earned your trust that hollah.com 
will deliver just that. 

One love,

Co-founder, Nu Thought Media, Inc.

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